Lost Wings

Dragonfly Wings

by Amy on June 28, 2012

I’ve been seeing dragonflies almost every day lately. (It was almost exactly a year ago that I had a close encounter of the green darner kind.)

I wonder who dropped these? I wonder how I even managed to see these dragonfly wings, tucked among some grass in the garden as I pulled weeds one evening. Finding them felt like finding a small, bittersweet gift.


A Cool Spot for Farley

Cats in the Shade

by Amy on June 21, 2012

Do you see a little feline face anywhere?

I relented this morning and let the cats out into the back yard this morning before the extreme heat gets the better of us all this afternoon. Yesterday they spent almost all day indoors and I felt bad for them.

Fortunately, they seem to know better than to lie in the heat, choosing instead to find a cool, shady place to relax. Farley’s favourite place to settle in used to be, ironically, beneath the Red Osier Dogwood.


Recently he’s been settling himself under the broad green leaves of this Sum and Substance Hosta, instead.


I will always maintain that no garden is complete without a cat or two tucked among the plants.


Solstice Scorcher

June 20, 2012
First Day of Summer in the Garden

Tweet It is the first day of summer and it is a hot one. So hot that I have the morning to myself and I am not willing to spend it outdoors. I wandered around for about ten minutes taking some pictures to share on my blog and then tied up the tomato plants that […]

Get your hands dirty…

What’s Blooming? Winchester Cathedral Rose

June 13, 2012
Winchester Cathedral Rose in Bloom

Tweet The first rose I’ve ever had in my garden has bloomed beautifully this early summer. Its name is Winchester Cathedral, an English rose, of course. The David Austin website describes Winchester Cathedral best: A lovely, white version of the beautiful Mary Rose, It has all the virtues of its parent and is similar in […]

Get your hands dirty…

“Easter Egg II” Radishes

May 17, 2012
Easter Egg II Radishes

Tweet I harvested this beautiful bunch of “Easter Egg II” radishes from the garden this morning. Nate and I had our first taste of them earlier in the week, but they are hitting their peak now. I love how they truly come in several colours, making them more interesting and fun to harvest than the […]

Get your hands dirty…