• Sunchokes


    I was so excited to get these in the mail yesterday! One of my favourite parts of gardening is getting to plant and eat foods that aren’t normally available in the grocery store. These are sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes (despite having no relationship to either artichokes nor Jerusalem). A relative of sunflowers, sunchokes…

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  • Surprise–a flying squirrel!

    Surprise–a flying squirrel!

    We got a big surprise when we spotted this lady in our garage today! I’ve heard of flying squirrels in our area before, but never seen any proof. We’d heard a critter scrambling around in the eaves of the garage for the last little while, so we were trying to evict it before it got…

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  • Saskatoon Blossoms

    Saskatoon Blossoms

    The saskatoons are in bloom — I can’t wait to eat the berries later this summer! 

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  • Seedlings


    Life has been super busy lately, but I snuck a few minutes yesterday to start some new seeds. I’m looking forward to fresh basil and pretty flowers this summer!

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  • No snow — but also no green yet

    No snow — but also no green yet

    Apologies for the long silence! We went on a trip to San Francisco two weeks ago, and then I spent this past week recovering and getting my life organized again. However, I’m happy to report that we came back to no snow! Finally! Stay tuned for more posts this week, and hopefully a few with…

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  • Buy the Damned Boots

    This weekend, I saw a pair of rubber boots. I was in the store to pick up something else entirely, but my heart did a little squee of happiness when I saw them. I loved them, with their little blue and yellow flowers, but I told myself I didn’t need them. They were a perfectly…

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