Buy the Damned Boots

This weekend, I saw a pair of rubber boots. I was in the store to pick up something else entirely, but my heart did a little squee of happiness when I saw them.

I loved them, with their little blue and yellow flowers, but I told myself I didn’t need them. They were a perfectly reasonable price, but I don’t need to walk through puddles or muck. I even had a gift card, but they were really quite silly. Not very “adult” and completely unnecessary.

I could’ve listened to that naysaying voice in my head, but I didn’t. Instead, I listened to the happy little squee, and the voice that said to buy the damned boots.

Buy the damned boots and go splash them in a puddle.

Splash in that puddle until you’re breathless from laughter.

Splash in every puddle you can find until you’re burbling over with sheer childish glee.

This is what Playing in the Dirt is really about.

I haven’t really shared this side of things on here yet. Or anywhere, truth be told. But every now and then, bit by bit, I want to.

Because this is what Playing in the Dirt is really about.

Not just sowing seeds and growing green things,

but cultivating a connection with nature.

Cultivating the child within all of us that sees, not just gardening,

but delight and joy and wonder.

This is what Playing in the Dirt is really about.

So buy the damned boots. I did. And hopefully, with some practice, I can share this side of gardening with you on here too.

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