• The sun is finally out

    The sun is finally out

    The sun is finally out, and my yard is rapidly catching up on the spring melt! I am SO ready to see the end of the snow this year 👋 I went out to check on my beds this afternoon, and still lots of snow to go, but I’d bet we’ll be seeing daffodils soon!

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  • Interesting Visitors

    Interesting Visitors

    I get the biggest kick out of this bird feeder 😂 Lots of juncos this morning, the first time we’ve seen them this spring. And of course a bunny! An eastern cottontail, I believe. I need to rethink where I put my feeder next year though — there’s a big oak tree blocking my light for…

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  • Snow, snow, go away…

    Snow, snow, go away…

    Snow, snow, go away… We’re in the midst of a blizzard today, and I am mighty tired of all this snow! At least the bird feeder visitors are interesting? The first photo is a young white-tailed deer, and I believe the second is a female downy woodpecker we’ve seen a fair bit lately.

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  • Fuzzy Plant Markers

    Fuzzy Plant Markers

    A good reminder to be careful not to overdo it with water when you’re using a humidity dome. I checked on my light setup this afternoon and discovered fuzzy plant markers! Thankfully, there aren’t many seedlings up yet, so I removed the markers and left the dome off to dry everything out. On the plus…

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  • Spring Flowers

    Spring Flowers

    I picked up some cut flowers today to help tide me over until we’ve got some of our own! We’ve still got about a foot of snow here, and I was craving some spring blooms. Tulips always feel like the thing to get in the spring, but I doubt they’d survive if I planted some–deer…

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  • Planting My First Snapdragons

    Planting My First Snapdragons

    I’ve seen so many beautiful snapdragon photos on Instagram that I couldn’t resist joining in! The only flower seeds I’ve tried starting before are sunflowers, so I’m looking forward to having a more interesting variety of flowers in the garden this year. These were planted on the weekend, and now I’m waiting impatiently for the…

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