Stumbling on Trilliums (My First Garden Vlog Entry)

May 16, 2012
Trilliums in Oshawa, Ontario

Tweet Last week I was driving home from an errand when I noticed a blur of white along the ground beneath a stand of trees along a busy street in Oshawa. The nearest intersection was Wilson Road and Beatrice Street. The trilliums were in bloom! The white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) has been the provincial flower […]

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Dandelions and Developers

May 15, 2012
Dandelions & Developers

Tweet On my way home from work last night I stopped to take some photographs of the dandelions going to seed. This empty lot is just down the road from where we live. It’s a small pocket of land where urban sprawl meets farmland. I turned to look across the street, and what I found […]

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Two Gardens

April 26, 2012
Two Gardens in Stratford, Ontario

Tweet Last week Graham and I had the pleasure of taking a drive to Stratford, Ontario, where we celebrated the fortieth birthday of a high school friend of Graham’s. We were a little bit early for the surprise party, so we took a brief walk up the street from the party’s location to have a […]

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Time to Turn the Compost

March 22, 2012

Tweet Graham finished building me these fantastic, huge compost bins out of reclaimed deck boards last summer. Their design was based on a bin set-up I saw the summer before that while attending the Bowmanville Summer Glory Garden Tour. One of the gardens we visited was a stunning vegetable garden in a rural back yard […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Gardening on the Internet

March 16, 2012
Amy Urquhart, Garden Speaker

Tweet I’ve been using the internet to connect with other gardeners and learn about growing plants for about eight years, now. If you have a look in the archives to this site, you’ll see that’s about the time I started to chronicle this growing passion of mine in electronic format. During that period of time, […]

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