Solstice Scorcher

by Amy on June 20, 2012

It is the first day of summer and it is a hot one. So hot that I have the morning to myself and I am not willing to spend it outdoors. I wandered around for about ten minutes taking some pictures to share on my blog and then tied up the tomato plants that are getting tall enough to need some support in the event another wild storm hits us. It’s too hot to tackle any of the other tasks on my gardening to-do list.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

The perennial garden has filled out very nicely this year. This is the first year gardening in this yard that I’ve begun to feel a real sense of pride and ownership over what Graham and I have been creating since we began to garden here seven years ago. There is still a lot of work and evolution to take place, but we’re getting there and it feels good. We envision adding a pool to the yard someday in the future. Next year’s major project will be a new deck at the back of the house.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

The herb garden has gone wild and unruly but I like it that way. There are a couple of small cucumber seedlings at the base of the obelisk but they aren’t doing great. I think I’ll scatter some morning glory seeds in that place instead. I’m enjoying the swath of shasta daisies that is in full bloom right now. They are excellent for cutting and add a real element of cheer to that part of the garden. You can see the temporary solution Graham came up with for holding up our broken fence. It’s not pretty but it’s functional. The entire fence needs to be replaced, a project that is also forthcoming.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

We will soon be eating more than our fill of raspberries. Nate has been enjoying the hunt for fruit in our garden, especially for strawberries. He even eats them before they are ripe, and he had the privilege of eating the first ripe raspberry, as well. He loves eating food from the garden so much I’m wondering if I should try to add some more fruit. Perhaps some blueberries.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

I started to work on this area of the garden last summer, converting it from a formerly sunny spot to a bona fide shade garden, planted with hosta, alchemilla, pulmonaria and other shade lovers like bleeding hearts and ferns. The weeds are getting under control, but keeping them under control is an ongoing battle, as weeding always is. When I first planted a garden in this part of the yard, the maple tree was much smaller and the space received much more sun. Now it receives only dappled sunlight. The shade plants love it. The trail leads down to the patch of catnip which I refuse to move, as it marks the resting place of two former feline friends. Rudy and Farley enjoy that place now very much.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

The hydrangea in the shade garden is coming into bloom right now. I love hydrangeas because I carried them on our wedding day and they remind me of that.

A morning in the garden, first day of summer

We have a lot of birds in our garden but none have moved into this sweet little bird house. I wonder if the opening is the wrong size. It still looks cute on the fence.

Happy first day of summer! Stay cool.

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