“Easter Egg II” Radishes

Easter Egg II Radishes

by Amy on May 17, 2012

I harvested this beautiful bunch of “Easter Egg II” radishes from the garden this morning. Nate and I had our first taste of them earlier in the week, but they are hitting their peak now. I love how they truly come in several colours, making them more interesting and fun to harvest than the average radish.

The smaller radishes are more intense in their peppery flavour, while the larger ones are slightly more mellow. All three colours are equally beautiful, white, pink or purple. In the future I’ll have to remember not to let them get too big, or they will start to crack, as a few of them had begun to do. These were sown on March 21, making them a little bit longer to harvest than the seed packet suggested (although I could have harvested these a little earlier than today). Last year we didn’t have any radishes ready to harvest until mid-June, so I’ll call this a radish success story.

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