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Bowmanville Ecology Garden

by Amy on May 31, 2011

I used to be a member of a nearby community garden known locally as the Bowmanville Ecology Garden. This garden is associated with the Durham Chapter of Canadian Organic Growers and has been undergoing some growing pains lately.

Recently, I heard through the grapevine that the garden is indeed in operation for the 2011 gardening season, which is good news for the gardeners who maintain plots there!

I only grew food and flowers in the community garden for two seasons, blogging a wrap-up of one growing season at the garden and an early spring tour of the garden the next. I joined because I wanted to meet other gardeners in my neighbourhood, and because I wanted to see what community gardening was all about. There was no waiting list for plots in the garden, so I wasn’t taking up space that another person wanted to use.

After those two seasons I got pregnant, then decided that maintaining the community plot and the garden here at home was more work than I wanted to tackle. I’m sure I made the right decision. There’s no way I’d have had the time and energy to garden in two locations with the duties of motherhood absorbing the majority of my attention.

I’m not sure exactly what the situation at the Bowmanville Ecology Garden developed into in my absence, but a new location for the garden must be found. In the meantime, the garden will be open for 2011, the gardeners who rent plots there can continue to grow food and flowers in that space, using the rain barrels on site as a water source.

For more detailed information on the 2011 growing season at the Bowmanville Ecology Garden, see Update on the Bowmanville Ecology Garden.

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