How to Install a Rainbarrel

by Amy on April 26, 2008

Today my husband Graham and I (well, mostly Graham) installed our rain barrels, which we purchased at a local shop called Envirosponsible.

Graham went to the hardware store and bought four concrete blocks to sit the barrels on top of. They would be fine on the ground, but raising them up a bit makes it easier to use the tap at the base, and allows space for setting a watering can down beneath and filling it up. He also picked up a couple of ready-made plastic downspout extensions. These are usually used to extend the downspout or to direct water away from your foundation. In our case, they’re going to direct water into our rain barrels.

First Graham cut some of the length from the downspout. He placed the barrel nearby to get a rough idea where he should cut.


Next I leveled out the ground beneath the downspout (I had moved a perennial plant out of the way while he was at the hardware store), and then Graham placed the heavy concrete blocks in place.


Then we positioned the barrel on top of the blocks.


You’ll notice that the blocks were too close to the foundation, so we had to adjust their positioning a little bit.


Next Graham placed the downspout extension over the piece of downspout at the side of the house. If he looks a little annoyed, it’s because he really wants me to put down the damn camera and give him a hand, already.


Graham then cut a hole in the lid of the barrel to fit the end of the fitted downspout piece into the barrel itself. He did this with a utility knife with a curved blade, but a jigsaw would work, too.


Ta-daaaa! Done. The rain barrel was installed.


And, as if on cue, the rain started to fall…

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